9 Tips to Fight Insomnia

9 Tips to Fight Insomnia

1. Avoid stimulating beverages and heavy and sweet foods before going to bed.

2.Read a book or listen to your favorite music. Do not watch TV or other electronic devices.

3.Don’t sleep during the day.

4.Do not drink alcohol in the evening. A “good night” glass is a superstition.

5.Treat yourself to a cup of tea with lemon balm, valerian or hops. These herbs soothe and help to fall asleep.

6.Ventilate well the bedroom. It is easier to fall asleep in fresh air.

7.Create a soothing evening ritual.

8.If you can’t fall asleep, get up and take some simple action for a while.

9.Get a quality mattress, pillow and duvet in your bedroom. There is no proper rest without proper equipment.

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