All torman® products have 2 years warranty on the mattress cover and 5 years warranty on the core of the mattress which comes into effect as of the date of purchase shown on the receipt. Additionally roll-packed and flat-packed mattresses respectively get additionally 3 and 7 years extended warranty in which the amount of warranty is reduced by the following percentages:

  • Year 6: the warranty cover is reduced by 10%
  • Year 7: the warranty cover is reduced by 20%
  • Year 8: the warranty cover is reduced by 30%
  • Year 9: the warranty cover is reduced by 40%
  • Year 10: the warranty cover is reduced by 50%
  • Year 11: the warranty cover is reduced by 60%
  • Year 12: the warranty cover is reduced by 70%

In order to qualify for the extended warranty you must

  • Register your mattress on the warranty registration page within the first 6 months after the purchase date
  • Have placed your mattress on flat lamella (bed slats)

What does the warranty include?

The warranty offered includes the repair or free replacement of parts or components in the following cases:

  • Components with manufacturing and / or material defects that compromise the functionality of the products themselves. For example, in case of subsiding of the structure, noisy springing of defective hinges.
  • Production or defective stains or dirt, such as machinery oil, color-losing nylon, etc.

To proceed with the return procedures, please contact the seller where the product was purchased.

What is excluded from the warranty?

The warranty offered does not include the repair or free replacement of parts or components in the following cases:

  • Your purchase cannot be found in our system and you do not have the original purchase invoice.
  • The Product was handled by or tampered with by third parties not authorized by us.
  • The original labels are not attached to the mattress anymore.
  • Failure to comply with the recommendations of use and maintenance (explained in the provided leaflet)
  • Defects due to improper handling or use, such as the use of force or overloading.
  • Defects caused by natural wear of the product.
  • Deterioration’s caused by external factors such as fire, water, steam, etc.
  • Products that show traces of dirt not derived from production processes, such as mold stains, organic liquids, etc.
  • Combination of a Bedding mattress with an inadequate bed surface.
  • A regular increase in softness or variation in the recovery time of the original shape of the products, a tolerance of ± 2 cm on the measures, due to the union of elastic components, is to be considered normal and does not represent a defect.
  • Any sagging and / or depressions of the surfaces used of less than about 20 mm, as these values ​​are considered physiological due to the settling of the padding and the structure subjected to the weight of the human body.
  • The extended warranty is excluded for mattresses that a) were not registered in the first 6 months after purchase and b) were not placed on flat lamella.

What are the conditions of the 30day money back guarantee?

Our satisfied customers make us confident to offer an unconditional 30day money back guarantee! If you are not satisfied with our mattress after trying it for 30 days you can return it to us without reason and we will refund you the full amount.

Please note that in case of returns the buyer needs to cover the return transportation cost and the mattress must be clean & in reasonable condition given a 30day usage.

Please note that the 30day money back guarantee does not apply to custom size mattresses.


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