Do you suffer from insomnia? Some tips to get rid of it

Do you suffer from insomnia? Some tips to get rid of it


Turning from side to side, fluffing your pillow, you still look into the ceiling… minutes go by and the wake-up call is approaching. You already know that the next day will be a struggle. This is the curse of insomnia.

Every once in a while it will happen to everyone. You just can’t sleep . Insomnia is the most common sleeping disorder but, if it is occasional, you do not have to worry.

The problem is when you can’t sleep for more than 6 months . In that case, you probably have chronic insomnia and it’s time to visit a doctor.

But whether you can’t sleep sometimes or regularly, it’s not pleasant. To fight insomnia, you must first reveal its causes.

Why can’t you sleep at times is simple:

  • noise,
  • unpleasant heat or cold
  • uncomfortable bed


Correction is simple – close or open the window, get earplugs or a new mattress.

But sometimes the cause of insomnia is not clear at first sight. Then we have to turn our attention to what you ate, drank and did all day (and especially in the evening).

For just rolling over in your bed, maybe an excess of caffeine, alcohol, or fatty food. Experts also warn against using electronic devices an hour before going to bed. Watching news on your mobile or tablet’s vibrant display is not suitable to be done in bed straight before going to sleep.

But the biggest problem is stress . If you are unable to leave work or have personal problems behind the bedroom door, it is very likely that you will be distracted in your head and anxiety will not give you a peaceful rest.

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