Materials & Technologies

Materials and technologies used for a superior sleep


Our Microfiber is made up of super fine synthetic fibers that are woven together to create a super soft feel that results in a warm and comfortable sleep experience. Microfiber repels moisture very well which makes it great for wicking moisture away from the body.


Very durable textile treatment which ensures active freshness and improved hygiene. Furthermore, its innovative technology is also effective against dust mites. AEGIS offers active freshness which inhibits the development of bacteria and fungus – the main causes of odour problems in most textiles. AEGIS works permanently: remains durable for the service life of most products.


Bamboo fabric is similar to the softness of silk and is hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Because the fibers are not treated with chemicals, the fibers are naturally smoother and rounder. Bamboo fabric leaves you feeling refreshed and odor-free for longer, giving you a more relaxing sleep.


A breathable quilting for a quiet sleep all night without a lot of sweat. It has a hollow fiber air conditioning layer and excellent insulating properties.


Excellent quilting for a good nights sleep. It is stitched with Aloe Vera extract microcapsules which gives it anti-allergic and antiseptic effects.


Eco-friendly and luxurious our Tencel fiber is made from cellulose found in wood pulp. This makes it softer and a stronger material than cotton. Tencel is quite breathable and less prone to wrinkles due to its ability to absorb water. Both washable and unshrinking Tencel takes the best quality from both silk and cotton.


Machine washable and very breathable, our 100% classic cotton quilting is amazingly soft and comfortable giving you an incredible night’s sleep.


Breathable covers allow for a good amount of airflow to cool the mattress and you down during sleep. Breathability also assists with keeping the mattress free of water.


The fibers of the Greenstyle fresh cover is treated with extracts of essential oils. This cover is hypoallergenic as well so it will be appreciated by allergy sufferers.

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