Materials & Technologies

Materials and technologies used for a superior sleep

Suitable for allergy sufferers

Our mattresses and covers are hypoallergenic – designed to suit the needs of most allergies, to clean easily and to ensure that proper hygiene levels are maintained. All the materials used by us comply with health and safety standards and are suitable for kids under 3 years of age. They are certified according to the Standard 100 by Öko-Tex and others. Mattresses use either a fixed profiled no glue seam with maximum breathability or a glue seam with odourless, water-based glue and activated pressure.


Unique construction of the mattress core with maximum achievable breathability. Different parts of the core of foam or pocket coil mattresses are made using cutting-edge machine zone profiling to link the lateral and longitudinal air channels with vertical holes in the lying surface. This leads to excellent air circulation – the pump effect – natural movements of the body during the sleep press different zones of the mattress and make them pump in and exhaust air). Thanks to the AirForce system, foam mattresses can compare to pocket coil mattresses in terms of air permeability.

Thermo & Air Control

A ventilation system that helps to maintain the correct temperature of the bed and the body. Mattresses labelled with this icon have covers with a special 3D air grid to increase the area for air circulation. Enhanced breathability reduces sweating to a minimum and extends durability to a maximum.

3D Rainbow technology

The 3D Rainbow Technology combines the best of all materials used for this layer. It combines excellent point elasticity, high air permeability and massage effects. These properties are achieved thanks to a special technology of the composition of foams of different types and densities in 3 axes = 3D. The foams differ in colour – hence the name Rainbow.

Reinforcing layer made of coconut fibre

Coconut fibres are found in the core as an interlayer, which promotes the stability of the core (it increases the weight limit, resilience and natural firmness) while retaining outstanding orthopaedic properties of the mattress. The coconut layer is made of 100% natural fibre of the coconut palm, bonded together with a mix of natural latex.

Fest bok

The mattress is equipped with reinforced sides made of high density and firm foams. This makes sitting before getting up from the bed comfortable and easy, while retaining full anatomical functions and comfort of the supporting lying surface. The construction of Fest Bok is ideal for persons with limited mobility, elderly people and people after surgery etc.

Spine Protector

Mattresses with this label are made using specifically anatomically shaped layers in the central part of the mattress core. The layers are called “SpineProtector“ as it promotes spinal alignment as they help to keep the spine in the correct position in sleeping positions thanks to their firmness, optimized in different zones, high absorption ability and pressure distribution. Suitable for all body weights.


Profiling on lying surfaces of the mattress, designed specifically for healthcare mattresses. Thanks to swivel profiling of the lying surface to the shape of swivel cubes, the pressure applied on the body is reduced. Even firmer mattresses provide ultimate comfort without undesired counter-pressure.


Enhances elasticity, air permeability and mechanical durability. For the ultimate elastic comfort and support for the body without sweating and overheating. Extra high volume for indestructibility.


Optimal weight distribution and maximum comfort thanks to “Gel-Touch“ S-GT 44 kg/m3 hybrid foam. Comfort you know from the best gel mattresses. The benefits include breathability, suitability practically for all body weights and excellent thermo-regulating properties. The best of foam and gel technologies.

HR Cold Foam

Sea sponge substitute. Excellent air permeability thanks to open-cell structure, low surface temperature (no overheating). With this high rebound mattress changing the sleeping position becomes very easy. Higher firmness and resilience.

Tropico Latex Bio

Perfect elasticity of the mechanically super-stable latex, which is considered as one of the best materials for mattresses, in general. Natural high rebound to change the sleeping position easily, natural components, reinforced hip zone and “Air” grid for maximum breathability. Vivantis mattresses in CDS version offer even better protection against allergies, eczema, and increased elasticity and softness.

Pocket Coil

Pressure relieving and supporting points (pocket coils individually wrapped and safeguarded against undesired vertical or horizontal misalignment), working independently of each other and arranged in 7 anatomical zones with different firmness (depending on the wire diameter, which is 1.8/1.6 mm for the 400 version and 1.4/1.6 for the 555 version with a higher number of coils). Excellent elasticity, body contouring = support and comfort in all body positions.

Airforce Pocket Coil

Pressure relieving and supporting points (coils), working independently of each other, arranged in zones with embedded coil interlayers preventing the body to sink in and working as a pump – although the mattress is very breathable by its nature, with each movement of the body the air in the mattress changes. Excellent point elasticity, exact body contouring = maximum support and comfort in all positions of the body.

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