Reinforced sides made of super-tough high density foam to provide support when sitting down or before lying down or getting up. Comfortable orthopaedic sandwich mattress with high breathability. Snow-white splittable breathable cover with washable cover up to 60°C.



  • Flexifoam® with Foam Density 40/25/28 (kg/m3)
  • For easy getting up/Extra Side Support
  • Heavy duty mattress with zone’s comfort
  • Higher firmness with CubeCare pressure-limitation profile
  • Snow-white splittable breathable and washable cover up to 60°C
  • H3 Medium and H5 Firm sides
  • 22cm height
  • 12-year warranty
  • ErgoLab Tested for mechanical and ergonomy features (incl. Ergocheck® / XSensor® diagnostic devices)
  • Made in Europe leveraging on Swedish heritage since 1939
  • 100% PES Ticking Saturnus; wadded, quilted


Recommended Usage